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Welcome to Clan Havoc!

Alter Aeon, a really neat medieval MUD game written by Dentin. Want to connect and try this out? Just click either of these:
alterAeon.com port 3010
or alterAeon.org port 3000
Port 3010 is provided for a convenience to blind players using screen readers. Thus, they are encouraged to use it.
Also, feel free to click here to look at Clan Havoc's statistics on the Alter Aeon web site, or here to check out valiant8086.com's Alter Aeon dedicated page.

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History of Clan Havoc

The sorceress Ilex sought for power beyond mortal strength. She searched mountains, valleys and other planes of existence for a tome of forbidden knowledge to increase her thaumaturgical puissance. She traveled to the far west to seek among the Zulus. She sought among the murlocks of the south learning their strange biomancy and geomancy. She studied with the loremasters of Daigaku-Tatami, learning all they could teach. She descended into hell to seek the mystics that lived there. In the far east she explored the strange undead-haunted streets of Jo'Kerin. Nowhere did she find what she sought.

Ilex met with a shield companion, one Diamonds. She told him of what she sought, and together they took the ship across the ocean to the northern continent. There, they explored the mysterious Grae Keep. In a room of that cultist-ridden castle they found the journal of Shi'Shitan, the mighty slayer of the blue serpent. They studied it in depth and explored the realms once held under the blue serpent's dominion. They explored orc-haunted ruins, and eventually, the northern wastes. There, beyond the deserted temple of the rat god Squeak, they found in a crevasse under a shadowy ledge, an incantation written in fire. Ilex memorized this dread incantation. She pronounced its arcane syllables and conjured forth a great white-scaled demon crowned with the horns of a ram who's head and shoulders were taller than a man. Speaking its true name that had been discovered in long hours pouring over crumbling volumes in the libraries of Trinsic, she said "Sanghthaylus the Corrupter, tell me what I seek, tell me how to attain more than mortal power." The demon then taught Ilex and her shield companion Diamonds the deep secrets and told them of the great curse that had ensnared even the wily Shi'Shitan. Now they wait to hear their master shout "At last, we are freed! Go forth my minions, spread havoc on the world once again." The two shield companions formed a band of like-minded adventurers: great adepts and priests, skillful thieves and bloodthirsty warriors to be Sei'Saarak's minions. They wait to do his bidding --to spread havoc.