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Welcome to Clan Havoc!

Alter Aeon, a really neat medieval MUD game written by Dentin. Want to connect and try this out? Just click either of these:
alterAeon.com port 3010
or alterAeon.org port 3000
Port 3010 is provided for a convenience to blind players using screen readers. Thus, they are encouraged to use it.
Also, feel free to click here to look at Clan Havoc's statistics on the Alter Aeon web site, or here to check out valiant8086.com's Alter Aeon dedicated page.

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Member guidelines

As one of the elders observed, the vast majority of these guidelines will boil down nicely to the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. However, we're spelling out specific issues that we have seen cause problems in clans in the past. Violation of any of these guidelines may result in a strike from an elder. Repeated offenses certainly will result in a strike. These guidelines are in place to keep the clan running smoothly, efficiently and to ensure that it continues to be what it was originally meant to be. We stress that they have not been invented and put in place because we like to have power over our members or because we want to make being a clan member a difficult and monotonous experience.

  1. Respect your clannies:
    You should treat your fellow clan members in the way you wish to be treated. Remember that jealousy, arguments, constant bickering, and other forms of disruptive behavior help to bring down any clan. If you have a problem with a fellow clannie, attempt to work it out like civilized adults. If you cannot solve your own problems responsibly, take it to an elder. Normally this shouldn't be an issue, but the elders have seen more than one clan broken by internal strife and lack of respect between clannies.

  2. Clanning new members:
    Members must be total 90 levels before they can join Havoc.
    new members not high enough level but who are interested in joining Havoc or whom Havoc is interested in may be invited to do things such as clan runs with Havoc, aiding the potential applicant in reaching the level requirement. Whether Havoc invites such potential applicants is at its discretion.

  3. Clanning new members:
    In short, it will take from 3 to 4 weeks per member to join Havoc. If you are interested in joining, and someone else is already in the application process and or if anyone is already sponsored ahead of you, it can take that much longer for each of them before we start working on your application. We do try and make sure we let applicants know up front how long it should take based on how many applicants procedures we have in the queue.

  4. Clanning new members:
    When a potential member is being voted on by the clan, no one is to give that member any information about the general reaction, the status of the process, or whether it looks good or bad for their application.

  5. Clanning new members:
    Leave communication with potential new members to elders. Anyone can work with potential new members to find out if a member can sponsor them to be considered to join the clan, but once that process starts, direct potential members' requests for information or other types of information to an elder.

  6. Clanning New Members:
    "get to know" and "votes" will be done one at a time, in no situation will two people be going at once. however, multiple sponsorships at any time are not a problem. Eldership will put it up when the previous potential's process has completed. Additionally, In the event two or more sponsorships are in place in a row, the consideration on the subsequent potential(s) will begin immediately after the current potential's process is finished, regardless of which step and which decision is reached.

  7. Clanning new Members procedure 1: Sponsorship:
    Potential new clan members are discussed on the clan board. If someone would like to have a member perhaps join the clan, they first ask the potential member they are interested in sponsoring if they would be interested in joining. If That applicant says yes the member doing the sponsorship then notes their sponsorship of this applicant (including name) on the main clan board located in clan recall. New sponsorships may occur on top of existing applicant clanning processes as well as how ever many prior sponsorships are in waiting. sponsorships go into the normal application process (see below) in the order that they are received.

  8. Clanning new Members procedure 2: Eldership starts the applicant clanning process
    Sponsorships are changed into clan applicant procedures by the eldership. elders will announce on the main clan board (located in recall) that someone is applying to join the clan, providing names of other characters if known in order to help members recognize who it is. Elders will specify the date in which the "get to know" period starts and ends (and consequently when the "voting" period will start.

  9. Clanning new Members procedure 3: the "get to know" period
    The "get to know" period lasts two weeks from the first Sunday that occurs during or beyond the date of the elder's notification of a new applicant process. The "get to know" period allows members of Havoc to get to know the applicant by socializing with them, accepting them in clan runs or general runs and other exercises as though they were an honorary member. The "get to know" period lasts a full two weeks, terminating on the second Sunday beyond the start. At which point the "voting period begins.

  10. Clanning new Members procedure 4: the "vote" period
    The "vote" or "voting" period is when it becomes time for members to vote for or against the applicant. The votes begin immediately upon termination of the "get to know" period and will stay open for two weeks unless 100 percent majority is reached. at the end of the vote period the number of people who said yes is compared by percentage to the number of people who voted in all. the percentage of yes votes currently required is 66.66 percent, two thirds majority. meetings are held at the end of the first week of this period and, if 100 percent majority is not reached then, at the end of the second week

  11. Clanning new Members: meetings
    Meetings are held at the end of the "get to know" period as well as at the end of the first week of the "vote" period and, if 100 percent majority is not achieved by then, at the end of the full two weeks of the "vote" period. If the applicant is voted in, they will be clanned as soon as an elder can catch them (during the meeting if possible).

  12. Clanning New Members: 100 Percent Majority Exception:
    In the event that an applicant gets 100 percent majority votes, either affirmative or negative, before the Sunday after the opening of the vote period, that applicant can be clanned or denied on that Sunday after the first week instead of the applicant waiting until the second Sunday. If the applicant gets 100 percent majority, either affirmative or negative, but it happens after the first Sunday, they will go ahead and wait for the second Sunday as is normal. Only members who have directly voted, either on the board, in discussion with elders, or during the meeting at the end of that period in the voting process will be counted.

  13. Reclanning Old Members:
    If a clan member removes all their multis who were havoc members from the clan, then later wants to put any of them back in, the first member to re join goes through a "reclanning" process that works as follows. Once the first member has rejoined, multis can be added according to the guidelines specified on such things. We take a full 7 days from the date of the request to rejoin to vote on whether the member can rejoin. At the end of that 7 days we take action as follows.
    1. In the event that this individual's last stretch as a Havoc member, counting any of the multis who were members of Havoc, lasted less than six months, or if they did not leave Amicably, they can be reclanned only if we can manage unanimous 100 percent "yes they can rejoin" votes in that seven day voting period. Otherwise, the member can try to rejoin by going through the entire initial clanning process as outlined at the time of the reclanning process.
    2. In the event that this individual's last stretch as a Havoc member, counting any of the multis who were members of Havoc, lasted more than six months, and if they left amicably, they can be reclanned at the end of the seven day voting period provided we can manage 75 percent or more "yes they can rejoin" votes. Otherwise, the member can try to rejoin by going through the entire initial clanning process as outlined at the time of the reclanning process. If this individual's last stretch as a Havoc member did not end Amicably the reclanning process works in accordance to the above situation outlining the procedure for members who were in less than six months.

  14. Clan Board Privacy:
    No information on any board addressed to clan havoc is to be noised abroad. Every single message on any board found inside Clan Havoc's area except perhaps the bull shit board should "ALWAYS" be addressed to "clan havoc". Those messages intended only for elders should be addressed to "clan elder havoc". The bull shit board is a possible exception to this rule because it's messages are supposed to be fun for those involved. It's up to the author of new posts on the bullshit board to decide on the address.

  15. Private messages on boards:
    Messages on any of the clan boards, including the bull shit board, that the elders are unable to read may be removed by an elder as soon as they notice there is a message they can't read. This means if you have a private message for someone, we request that you send it to them via email rather than a clan board. We have to keep the boards from becoming cluttered.

  16. Clan Board Discussions:
    When something is being discussed on the clan board by the clan,, be that a new clan applicant's vote or whatever else, members may address posts either to clan havoc or to clan elder havoc if they wish only for elders to be able to read their thoughts on the subject at hand. Elders will not post their own thoughts on said subject until at least three days, thereby alleviating the chance for members to just "follow the leader". This is, after all, a democratic setup.

  17. Respect your clan elders and their decisions:
    Again this is a no-brainer, but respect clan elders. They have put a lot of work to try and make the clan operate smoothly. Usually the elders have good reasons for their decisions. If you don't understand a decision, or disagree with it, feel free to talk to elders privately.

  18. Respect your clan:
    Realize that the actions of one person often affect how non clannies see the clan as a whole. That said, We ask that you avoid doing no nos (follow the alter Aeon rules basically).

  19. Respect other players on the game:
    You do not have to take insults, but if you must trade words with another player do not do so on public channels. Alter Aeon is a community, and while every community has people that it is not proud of and wishes would disappear, those people exist, and they are people too.

  20. Clan Runs:
    We strongly encourage clan members to make clan runs a top priority when they are logged into Alter Aeon.

  21. Privacy:
    Clannies each have a room (unless they have elected not to). This room is their private sanctum and should not be entered except by invitation of the member. Items in a clannie's room are not to be tampered with. This all comes back to respect your clannies, but it's spelled out here due to past experience of the elders.

  22. Mobs in the Clan Area:
    We ask that no one summon aggressive or sleep aggressive mobs into the clan area. This can create potentially dangerous situations in what is supposed to be a safe area. Plus those mobs won't repop where they are supposed to until they are killed, which of course messes up the area the mob comes from.

  23. Nonclannie Players:
    Nonclannies are not brought under any circumstances into havoc's clan area without the express permission of an elder of clan havoc. The one and only exception to this is by use of an interclan exit, which must never be created without the express permission of an elder of clan havoc.

  24. Cleanliness:
    We discourage members from leaving items in public clan areas unless they intend them to be free for the taking. Items that are useful should be placed into Havoc's storage locker. Havoc's password is written on the clan board found in recall. it is a message from havoc titled something about password, and it will be addressed specifically to clan havoc. If items are found by the elders in public areas they may be kept, donated, sacrificed, etc.

  25. Donation:
    The clan storage locker, a storage locker found on the character "Havoc", contains items that clan members and elders have put there for the taking by other clan members and elders. Equipment found there is not to be removed to be sold to non clan members for the member or elder's profit. The equipment found there may not be given to a non clan member either. If a piece of equipment exists on Havoc's inventory or storage locker that someone who is not a clan member wants, please ask an elder about it. Elders are allowed to sell or trade equipment from havoc's storage locker and have the responsibility of making sure the returns go to the proper places, not including anyone's pockets. Equipment found on Havoc's inventory or storage locker may be removed for a multi outside of clan only on the condition that you have cleared this use with permission of one or all elders. In the case of an elder wishing to do so, permission among the elders must be unanimously granted.

  26. Keeping Current:
    Members are expected to read the clan boards to stay up to date. Failure to do so can really irritate the eldership. By the same token, elders will make sure that the boards are cleaned regularly so that boards do not become cluttered.

  27. Leading:
    Every member is expected to lead a run every once in a while. Please volunteer, as the elders don't want to have to force an elementary school style situation: who's leading the run this week? You there, in the back did you have your hand up?

  28. Dues:
    Dues are not required. They are, however, very strongly encouraged. We really want members to drop gold in to our pockets, oops, that is, the private elder account, from time to time when they walk by clan recall. We don't care how much, just keep tossing stuff that direction. This means we may help you buy things using the gold from that account. It's been done before. So please, as a member, be generous sometimes and contribute. The command to do this is <dues dep amount> substitute amount with how much gold you want to contribute. This must be done in clan recall and the gold deposited can only be retrieved by elders. It will, in fact, be used by elders at their discretion, to help buy things for clan members.

  29. Multis:
    Havoc's members may have as many of their multis in the clan at any given time as they like. All multis of the same player share one room and the player must pay dues (if at all required) separately for each multi. Further, if any multi of a player becomes an elder in another clan, no multis of that player may be an elder in Havoc.

  30. Clan Runs:
    We will have one or more scheduled runs each week. The day and time will be discussed by the entire membership and may change. Read the clan boards. Attendance is not mandatory, but members who regularly miss clan runs are probably not getting full benefit from the clan and vice versa.

  31. Clan Meetings:
    We will have a clan meeting once a week before the regular run if necessary. If there's no business to address, there will be no clan meeting that week. Attendance at the clan meetings is encouraged. If you can't make a meeting, the agenda will be posted and you can post a message to elders to suggest your feelings about the matter at hand. By posting, you ensure that your voice is heard and we don't make you clan garbage man.

  32. Strikes:
    Any violation of clan guidelines can result in a strike. Elders will discuss the matter and if a strike is awarded, the member will be told. The member can offer any defense of his or her actions to the elders, but the strike remains. If a member goes for twelve months without violating guidelines a strike can be removed. If the member performs some great service for the clan then a strike can be removed. Examples might include: showing the clan a new area, leading runs for months, offering suggestions that make the clan area better. Merely contributing gold will not remove strikes.

More guidelines may be added, and some of these may get deleted as time goes by. This is a work in progress, and as we expand we may encounter issues we did not cover above. We realize guidelines are often statements of the obvious, and may seem unnecessary. They're not put here because we want to feel powerful like we have control over clannies, they are put here to try and help ensure that the clan functions smoothly and efficiently and that all members have a good time, that's what games are for. We are serious about these guidelines though and we try to see that they are followed.