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Welcome to Clan Havoc!

Alter Aeon, a really neat medieval MUD game written by Dentin. Want to connect and try this out? Just click either of these:
alterAeon.com port 3010
or alterAeon.org port 3000
Port 3010 is provided for a convenience to blind players using screen readers. Thus, they are encouraged to use it.
Also, feel free to click here to look at Clan Havoc's statistics on the Alter Aeon web site, or here to check out valiant8086.com's Alter Aeon dedicated page.

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Clan roster

This is a list of the members currently in clan Havoc. It may be outdated. If you want something up to date, use the dynamically updated roster that's available on Alter Aeon's website on the page for clan Havoc. Click here to go there.
Note that if two or more names are found on one line, each character named on that line belongs to the same real live person. In other words, they are that person's multis. Ilex is Lexie's multy for example.


  1. Lexie, Ilex, Helex, Ulex, Goo, harem and Wickie
  2. Mathayas, Diamonds, It, Puppy, Virjal, Chovaya and Eleven
  3. Karah, Magdelaina and Denna
  4. Zogg, Xor, Angelique, Xynica, Familiar and Necrosis
  5. Cheetah, Bjorn and Hateehc


  1. Lenora, Diana, Joane and Edara
  2. Revandark, Blooddrinker, Bloodyshadow and Revan
  3. Nermthegerm
  4. Krishna
  5. Vixy and Knoel
  6. Galadia, Demonlady, Glorianna, Zenephra and Haloria
  7. Odi, Cherrallan and Elena
  8. Indigo
  9. Dagarush, and Starstorm
  10. Kahlan, Pikel, Nedrick, Derzo, Galvine and Djorus
  11. Shauna, Smegma and Misery
  12. Alissa, Miya, Kalinia and Shaelan
  13. Gregor, Saul, Grundle and Mumbacho
  14. Lilmike, Turod, Consumer, Katye and Haha
  15. Spock, Aunatural, Saavik and Acdc
  16. Magnus
  17. Dagget, Kendell, Llewyn and Faedryn
  18. Groan and Wimp
  19. Locane
  20. Ishark
  21. Arcane, Psi and Storethis
  22. Brynn and Talina
  23. Havoc

members temporarily removed do to inactivity (Known as the "Standby List".

  1. Stardust
  2. Lostsoul and Fatal

Players who aren't actually members of Havoc but whom Havoc considers to be "honorary" members.
  1. Darra
  2. Pharel
  3. Enoch
  4. Page
  5. Psythe
  6. Jackstraw