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Welcome to Clan Havoc!

Alter Aeon, a really neat medieval MUD game written by Dentin. Want to connect and try this out? Just click either of these:
alterAeon.com port 3010
or alterAeon.org port 3000
Port 3010 is provided for a convenience to blind players using screen readers. Thus, they are encouraged to use it.
Also, feel free to click here to look at Clan Havoc's statistics on the Alter Aeon web site, or here to check out valiant8086.com's Alter Aeon dedicated page.

You are here: Clan Run Guidelines.

Clan Run guide

All of these guidelines boil down to group etiquette and common sense but are spelled out for convenience.

  1. Nonclan members can join a clan run if all group members agree. Honorary members are the exception. They can join clan runs without unanimous permission. Honorary members are listed on the roster page and also on the board in clan recall.

  2. The leader of the run should clearly mark the group as a clan run.

  3. The group leader should assign jobs at the beginning of the run and at any time when members join or leave the group.

  4. Be sure to have the proper personnel for a run. For instance, healers are more effective when they do not have to watch more than two or three people at a time, some areas require multiple tanks, etc.

  5. The group leader is final authority. If the group leader says something the group as a whole should be listening and react to it. Any member has the right to suggest an alternative course of action, but once the alternative has been discussed and the group leader has ruled on it the matter should be dropped.

  6. No member should automatically loot corpses without the leader's permission. Corpses should never be automatically sacrificed as they might contain keys or equipment necessary to the group.

  7. All gold should be split. All equipment should be offered to group members who need it. In the case of equipment that no one wants, it should be donated, sacrificed, or auctioned and the proceeds split amongst the group members.

  8. Group members should not wander off by themselves without the knowledge or permission of the group leader.

  9. Pay attention to the group and watch for commands, instructions, and important warnings. Leaders, healers, and tanks should cut down on channel spam by turning off noisy channels at the beginning of a run. It is strongly encouraged that all group members do likewise.

  10. If you are assigned one job do not perform another (E.G. blasting the mob when you're supposed to be healing). By the same token, do not agitate to do another job. You are usually assigned a role because you fill that role best in the current group.

  11. Avoid needless spells. Healers do not need tons of defensive spells as a rule, and except in special situations hitters do not need Stone Skin, Sanctuary, etc. Know what spells you need and cast as many utility spells as you can yourself. Your healers are not endless fountains of mana. Groups run best when they are synchronized and do not have to regen constantly; avoiding useless spell casting expedites the run.

  12. Try to avoid needless spam in a group. An occasional social or funny emote is ok, but in general reserve spam for regen times in safe areas. Never get so entranced with your own spam that you miss the group leader's instructions.

Of course, as usual, we will change these if we feel the need to.