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Welcome to Clan Havoc!

Alter Aeon, a really neat medieval MUD game written by Dentin. Want to connect and try this out? Just click either of these:
alterAeon.com port 3010
or alterAeon.org port 3000
Port 3010 is provided for a convenience to blind players using screen readers. Thus, they are encouraged to use it.
Also, feel free to click here to look at Clan Havoc's statistics on the Alter Aeon web site, or here to check out valiant8086.com's Alter Aeon dedicated page.

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Clan Havoc: Introduction

Havoc is a clan on the multi-user online game Alter Aeon. Alter Aeon is a text-based fantasy game based loosely on early editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Characters become warriors, thieves, clerics, or wizards and explore a constantly expanding world. Alter Aeon has 30,000 rooms and is growing as builders continue to expand. The game was originally programmed by Dentin, and is extremely hospitable.

One of the most interesting parts of Alter Aeon is the clan system. Using this system, like minded individuals can form societies and travel together, explore together, and overcome the many challenges that Alter Aeon (often known as AA) has to offer together. Havoc is one such organization. We founded Havoc to expand on our years of experience in various clans. We hope to avoid the pitfalls we have seen some clans fall into while retaining the good policies that we have experienced.

Havoc was formed in order to give friends a place to gather, to help newbie players learn how to play Alter Aeon more effectively, to accomplish together things which individual members cannot accomplish alone, and above all to have fun. Havoc is a family. Each member of Havoc supports each other member. One notices the stack of guidelines that the clan runs under. These are present only to help ensure that the clan continues to run smoothly and to be what it was expected to be.

Havoc is currently not accepting requests to join.

Membership Privileges

Responsibilities of Membership